Honda Clarity video

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Not sure if this is a commercial or what.
Not even sure who can actually get one.

But I’m sure at $600 a month including insurance, the waiting list is pretty long…

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Vince.

    "When you love solving things…"

    …as if the only people who love solving things are tiny lab-coated egghead types who do Rubik's cubes to techno soundtracks?

    Typical !@#%&ing auto industry. They make these brilliant things into "egghead cars" that seem complicated. An FCX Clarity made out of wooden puzzle pieces? That's sure to give the impression that it's a safe, solid car. Good job, ad agency.

    Remember the first EV1 commercials? the foggy landscape scenes with the car shown in the distance, an ominous voiceover asking "How…does it go?"…

    Can you say "red herring"?

    There will be no hydrogen economy.

    I want one of these, but I live in Philadelphia.

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