Hyundai Genesis coupe interior

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It seems to look a bit better on this picture.
Funny how a year ago at the L.A auto show, most people thought this car would come with a choice of a V6 and a V8. Just like the sedan.
But now that we know there will be no V8, the 2.0 4 Turbo actually seems the best option.

I’ve been driving the 2.0 Turbo in the Solstice for a week and I am convince these engines have a great future.

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  1. Color combo looks great on the seat, is acceptable on the door armrests, and tacky everywhere else.

  2. It would look a lot better if they toned down the Red a bit. All that Red on the dash is just too much…

    That said, I think Hyundai has a winner here, if the pricing is in line with the Mustang (starting under 20K) In the future, I think that smaller RWD platforms, like this one, are going to be the thing that saves Pony cars from CAFE.

  3. Looks sweeEEEET with the deep red contrast. Yeah, maybe it’s a bit gimmicky, but it’s got flair.

  4. Yea, I can see a little bit of the ‘Bu in it. A little more racy looking than the Malibu but I see where you’re coming from with that comment…

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