Infiniti G37 Convertible

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Looking good.
We’ll see later what it looks like with the top up.

Now all the G35 models will be called G37 for the next year.
I just wish they’d offer a smaller engine as well. This is a good looking car. But most people will never need 320hp.
Mileage on these isn’t really good either.

Gas prices pretty much killed the big trucks/SUVs.
I wonder how long it will take for the stupid horsepower race to stop…

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  1. This is really nice! I’ll bet they sell a whole lotta them. Does anyone know if this is a folding hard top or a rag top?

    I agree they should offer a smaller engine option. But I think the horsepower wars are here to stay. Especially with fuel prices starting to trickle down. I think fuel and oil won’t go above $5.00/$150.00. Not including CA and HI. You guys have some crazy high prices. I just hope the SUV craze does’nt start up again. Because if prices do steadily go back down and we all start buying up SUV’s again, then it would prove we have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  2. that side view doesn’t look so good to me.
    it’s not just the G37… imho ‘modern’ design (esp. on midsize cars) sort of ‘fights’ with the topless look – like they need their rooflines to complete the shape …just imho

  3. “I wonder how long it will take for the stupid horsepower race to stop…”

    Good God, I hope it never stops.

  4. Since they have yet to make a Vehicle smaller than the G series. I say it’s time for a G25. They can squeeze 200hp out of the 2.5. That’s adaquate. Because that 3.7L is riduculously big for that car. It can be for S models.

  5. Oil will top $200/barrel in 2009.

    Buh-bye, suburbia.

    This means that cars like the Infiniti G and pretty much every SUV would seem like Bentleys and Rolls to the average middle-class professional.

  6. “Oil will top $200/barrel in 2009.”

    If you are right, and you may be in 2010-11, every single auto under an average 25 mpg is doomed.
    Honda is preparing for 50mpg by 2030.

  7. Kill the SUV’s and keep bringing in fuel economy. That in turn will keep the worldwide demand for fuel down and keep fuel prices realistic.

  8. “If you are right”…

    I don’t want to be right. I’m just informed and tactless. Alternative fuels will save our pocketbooks, but they won’t save the day. In the meantime, by 2030 the ‘first’ world will be a very different place, and there will probably be new strata of wealthy global citizens isolated from the question of how to pay for energy. That all is just based on the market.

    But your comment is pretty much valid. Vince, thanks for putting these up. Keep on blogging…

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