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  1. This is alot better looking than the Toyota Corrolla. I think if it lives up to the promised gas mileage GM is advertising its going to be a hit. In the last ten years i’ve owned two Toyotas and two Hondas and let me tell you i would consider this.

  2. That front end really does not work at all, does it? There’s just too much stuff going on there. Pity, because the rest of the car looks OK.

  3. GM keeps on showing this side of the car to prevent showing that they do not have a remote fuel door. Can they still be this cheap !?!?

  4. Its goog in the looks department.
    Now what about the quality and reliability. That could be the killer.

  5. Reminds me of the IS300 last generation. Tight, crisp lines this is excellent. Can’t wait to drive this one.

  6. “GM keeps on showing this side of the car to prevent showing that they do not have a remote fuel door.”

    What an idiotic, completely irrelevant comment.

  7. If those tires and rims are stock, it will be fun for owners to clean all the dirt and road gunk off of the side of their cars every time they wash them. The lower half of the front doors are going to be covered in grime every time you drive through a puddle or in the rain.
    In-set tires may look a little goofy, but they prevent road grime from being kicked up onto the side of the car. It amazes me how clean the side of my car stays after driving in the rain or across a patch of water.

  8. While the “C” pillar is a mess, the front end is OK IMO because it’s Chevy’s trademark and looks distinctive.

    Chevy was a great car decades ago, then went down the sewer. Good to see Chevy making a comeback with competitive cars. I like Chevys!

  9. Yeah, what’s up with that remote fuel door deal. All the pictures refused to show the lack of remote fuel door in the Cruze. You are right, man.

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