Kia Forte interior

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Looking pretty nice.
It will be interesting to see how this car does against the Civic.
At if it will be that much cheaper or not…

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  1. Well the dash looks better than the Civic’s bizarre, juvenile styling, and the steering wheel is much nicer. There’s a bit too much blank space between the vents under the clock, but that’s being picky. If space behind the dash would’ve allowed, I’d prefer the hvac controls and the nav screen up under the clock. This might have provided a bit more storage behind the shifter. The hazard button could have gone anywhere else.

    Looks really nice in this picture. I hope the plastic quality is as good.

  2. The nav screen should motor down and have the dvd slot behind it. But it is the only reason that this dash doesn’t look totally cheap.

  3. Won’t rattle as much as my mom’s 06 Civic, geez.

    Inside the newer Civic is a mess! This isn’t bad but could use some chrome accents around the vent openings.

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