Kia Rondo test drive coming up

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I am driving a V6 Rondo for a few days.
So go ahead if you have any questions.

So far…. It drives surprisingly well. Feels very solid and quiet.
And plenty of smooth power.

But… It is to me one of the most unattractive ride out there. The interior is a sea of cheap looking shades of grey plastics.
Visually, it is pretty depressing, inside and out. And that’s too bad.

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  1. Is it true that driving a Rondo makes you penis shrink by 2″ and you have to use Viagra for the rest of your life?

  2. What’s sad is that this is based off the Optima/Sonata. Why can’t is just be an Optima Wagon? This thing seems useful, but it sure is hideous. I see a few on the road though. Btw, does the V6 feel weak? I don’t understand why they bothered including the 2.7. They should make it 4cyl only or give it the 3.3L V6 from the Sonata (and give it to the optima too).

  3. I would like to know how much space is available (legroom & headroom) on the 3rd bench. How compared to a Mazda5, a Dodge Journey and/or a Dodge Caravan w/short wheelbase (when it was available, of course).

  4. “Why not test drive a Mini or a Subbie?”

    I did. Reported on the Mini years ago. And I did a report on the Outback a couple of months ago. ( I loved it)

    “Is it true that driving a Rondo makes you penis shrink by 2″ and you have to use Viagra for the rest of your life?”
    I haven’t had sex since I got the car yesterday. But it sure seems like it….

  5. No questions…it just needs to be pointed out that there are other interior colors for cars beyond grey, taupe, and beige (+ sometimes black, brutal in hot cities). Whatever happened to crimson, navy, tan oiled leather? Folks can say what they will about the GTO of a few years back, but it dared to bring back color in the cockpit.

  6. Gray is the worst interior color on the Rondo; the beige definitely looks better. Even then, as bad as the gray might be it’s still nowhere near as bad as the Chrysler-Rubbermaid joint venture interiors.

    BTW, if you read the blogs over at Edmund’s, the Rondo has won over a lot of people that weren’t initially enthused about it. The only reason I haven’t bought one is the transmission choice. I don’t want the V6, and even though Kia is putting the upgraded 175 hp Sonata 2.4 four in the Rondo for 2009 they’re not putting the 5-speed auto in it.

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