Lada C-Cross Concept

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Lada used to sell cars and trucks in Europe and Canada. Correct me if I”m wrong but I think they still do.

Now they are “partners” with Renault. Whatever that really means.
It’s not hard to guess that this “Concept” is heading for production soon. There is really nothing new to it.
Except bringing Lada designs into the 21st Century (Barely…)

Not bad looking. More like a jacked up car than an SUV.

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  1. I until I read about that Renalt “partnership”, I was screaming Nissan Copycat with that grill.

  2. Was in St. Petersburg in 1994, and remember touring the city and seeing broken down Ladas everywhere with their hoods up and owners shaking their heads.

    I thought Lada was an appropriate name–the car was a LADA CRAP!

    Those old Ladas were re-badged, old style Russian-built Fiats that were junk.

    I hope the new Lada pictured is as good as it looks.

  3. I thought Lada were partners with Chevrolet. That said this is a pretty good effort from the New USA.

  4. Lada still sells cars in parts of Western Europe, but not everywhere I think. They are very rare at least in Germany. The Niva ist probably still the bestseller here, because it’s so uninque. They don’t sell cars in Canada anymore, but in parts of South America.
    Actually I think that this concept looks really beautiful. Maybe nothing new, but an Audi Q5 has nothing new, too. And Lada has to find it’s own design…there is not much thay can build on. Hope this car will be realeased like that. Can’t even believe that this is a Lada 🙂

  5. What´s the point of creating a SUV for Lada?

    They have two major products: an old-fashioned off-road-vehicle called Niva plus a unconventionally styled, yet oldfashioned sedan. So i wonder where the new versions of these models are?!

    I have seen so many Lada-concept-cars in the recent past, all of which never got into production, that i stopped counting them. Sad, though some of these concepts looked really intresting!

  6. Lada is no longer sold in Canada. The brand left the country around ten years ago (I apologize for not having the exact year handy).

  7. lada-renault-nissan…
    wonder if this is a design excercise for the quasqui (?spelling? – sounds like, and from what i hear, is a “cash-cow”) / rougue successor???

  8. It will be a hard stigma to get over. A lada is a lada. The butt of all jokes. ie Have you seen the new 16 valve lada?? 8 Valves in the engine and 8 valves in the radio.

  9. Haha yes like the one, Why do lada’s have heated rear windows?
    To keep your hands warm when you push them down the road.

  10. That is obviously based on the Qashqai/Rogue.. with Audiesque side sculpting and a rear end borrowed from Kia.

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