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Pretty nice and modern.

But I really think the interior is just over done.
There is just way too much going on there.

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  1. imho the interior will look much better in different (fewer) colors
    …the exterior, well, it's a bit busy for my tastes – will have to see when/if I get the chance to see it in person & on the street

  2. Why are people bitching about it being “overdone”.? First some complain it doesn’t look as “iconic” as the first Ka (as if they would buy something so quirky in the first place) and then they call this new one either overdone or too ordinary. Guys this is a micro car/city car, its tiny. Its supposed to be funky, compare this to just about any other micro car minus the MUCH more expensive Fiat 500 and you will see this looks GREAT. I love the interior, its funky and stylish. Check out interior shots of the first Ka and you will see a HUGE leap in style and quality in the new one. For a car that costs dirt cheap this is amazing

  3. I totally agree.

    people whinge if it’s too boring or too overdone. make your minds up!

    We can ONLY see pictures at the moment, judge in person.

    Ford of europe is selling everything they can make, unlike the US.

    I’d say this will sell well too.

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