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If Ford keeps it the way it is for the US, they should have a big hit on their hands.
By next year, the US market will be just perfectly ripe for this…

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  1. I agree Vince! If the interior materials are high quality, why would anyone buy a Yaris over this! This has probably the sexiest design of anything in it’s class…EVER! The Mini and 500 arn’t in the same class otherweise…..

  2. The market is ripe now. With gas prices falling this may be another example of wrong product, wrong time.

  3. This is a great looking vehicle. If I had to buy a small car it would definitely come down to this or the new Fit.

    I really don’t like how Fords name has been tarnished recently though, and all of their dealerships are old while Hondas are all pretty modern and redone.

  4. “If Ford keeps it the way it is for the US”

    If Ford North America keeps anything they bring to the USA “the way it is” it will be a first. These guys are notorious for taking a nice German Black Forest cherry cake, scraping off the chocolate, and coating it with dogcrap and telling us that is what Americans want. I like Ford but they have a history of jacking up everything but trucks.

  5. I like small cars, and have always driven one. Even with not a lot of horsepower, they can be a lot of fun if you buy a good one. Because of their size, you become a lot more aware of the other (larger) cars on the road. So you really need to be able to see out of them well. This is where I think the Saturn Astra is flawed: expensive, old looking design, and really hard to see out the back. Why would a small car owner want one? Hope Fiesta does better – it looks great ! Dont go cheap, Ford – an have a moonroof option!

  6. Just because gas prices are falling they can rise again just as quick as we have just experienced. People should continue to buy small cars as the days of cheap fuel is over.

  7. Lets see if Ford can sell this here for under $15K and still make a profit…Yeah, right.

    Even Mexican labor is not that cheap.

  8. If Ford sells cars that are as good as this looks like it could be, they won’t have to discount as much. Ford and GM need to sell small cars with lots of premium options like Nav and fanny warmers and interiors to rival the A3 and GTI. Customers have no issue dropping $25k on a GTI or $32k on an A3. And the time is right for the domestics to offer premium small cars. People are abandoning their large cars and SUVs, but they don’t want to skimp on the luxuries. Then Ford might make a profit from the sale of cars like they used to with trucks.

    My only potential issue with this interior is the 70s-80s burgundy red. I still associate this color with my parents 1976 LTD. It would be better to just offer black or anthracite, which is a little less somber than black. Also, the transition from the dash to the door panel seems un-smooth. Overall, the design appears to be very good.

  9. Quote – “These guys are notorious for taking a nice German Black Forest cherry cake, scraping off the chocolate, and coating it with dogcrap and telling us that is what Americans want.”

    Problem is, if sales of the “new” 2008 Focus are any indication, they are absolutely right. They’re selling the hell out of a half-assed, watered-down POS version of a decade old design, and we Americans are eating it up!

    I keep wanting to believe that we are just ultra price-sensitive when it comes to small cars, not that we “love” crap products.

    At least we’ll finally get a chance to find out for sure one way or the other in the next few years.

  10. I agree with Mike to a certain extent. Focus is all ford has right now, so maybe it is just loyalist snapping up the hot size fuel efficient model. Compared to its competitors however, focus is an also ran in sales numbers. Ford/GM have to take customers from their competitors with their new products, or else they are doomed.

  11. This is beautiful, sporty, sexy, modern, stylish and looks like it will also be of great quality for its class. This is definitely the best the class has to offer and more so. Of course the picture show the high-end models but it will still be very affordable even in those expensive trims! LOVE it

  12. Ford needs this car to change their image in North America.

    Is that really the production interior? A m a z i n g!

  13. Don’t forget, there is an election coming up. The Bush clan and their Saudi buddies made sure to elevate gasoline to $4.50/gallon a few months ago, so when it drops down to the new “regular” level of $3.50/gallon by November the “sheeple” will all be so overjoyed they will usher in another Republican president. Unfortunately for all the US carmakers scrambling to produce new small cars, the market may fall out if gas drops lower than that, just in time for them to release the new little cars and sending the US auto market into an even deeper spiral.

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