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These are much larger, so if you click on them, you can actually see the car much better!!
Amazing, right?

I must say, this is growing on me. Let’s hope VW reliability is also growing.
This could be a very nice car in the US if it was reliable.

And, even though I like the “US only” 2.5 Liter engine, they need to give us something that gets much better mileage.
I’ve been averaging about 20MPG in the new Beetle I was driving (It got into a crash, so I’ll be finishing the test drive of that one later…)

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  1. this is an extensive refresh, rather than an all-new model, and it shows. i do like the changes, they fix most of the things i didn’t like about the last golf’s styling, and it’s growing on me too.
    i agree that VW needs to offer a more economical engine than the 2.5 5-cylinder. the new twin charger 1.4 litre sounds amazing, and gets 160HP, i think?

  2. Except for those goofy wheels, I like the new Golf. The interior looks like a straight forward, driver-oriented design. As it should be.

  3. If only the center console curved to the driver a little…Like the proper last gen BMW 3er.

    Otherwise, just right.

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