Murano convertible coming up???

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That is one of the craziest rumors I’ve heard in years.

Nissan would actually be working on a convertible version of the Murano.
Out of all the cars they could turn into a convertible, they picked the Murano?!?!

Why not the Altima coupe?

A 4 door hatchback SUV seems to me the weirdest choice.
On the other end, I do love convertibles (In case you hadn’t notice), so.. Sure.. Why the hell not.

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  1. I might be the only buyer. I’m a single dad and have a Murano as my daily family car, then hop in my MR2 Spyder every other weekend when the kids visit mom.

    Both cars are a blast to drive, but as a Murano fan and a convertible fan, this would be an unloved freak.

  2. Yes, even I find it odd, but it’s true, i’ve seen it. it looks better than the PT convertible. They have made it tight. it will be here by next summer.

  3. An Altima Convertible should be required to be a part of the lineup before this nonsense happens. However, it would finally give the X6 some competition….not that it isn’t already digging its own grave.

  4. The guys wo came up with the Renault Avantime (a van based coup√© with a targa roof) might work at Nissan’s facilities…
    Anyway, the Avantime was a nice car. Renault just forgot few things like reliability, premium-like service and an automatic transmission.

  5. Spyking is a idiot once again. Spyking claims he works in Arizona at the track. The murano is made in Japan by nissans “special vehicles” team. Spyking would have NO access to this vehicle. Dude, your a joke once again.

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