Mysterious Chevrolet compact Crossover/Van thing…

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Testing at the same time as the new Cruze (in front).
Looks like GM might be using the same platform for a small Crossover.
Will it compete with the next Opel Zafira?
Will we get it over here?

GM had said in the past that Chevrolet US would be getting their version of the next Zafira.
So it could be it…

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  1. This is definitely GM Daewoo (like the Cruze), more probably a successor to the old pre-GM Daewoolet Tacuma/Rezzo than Opel Zafira.

  2. As said above, what the heck is up with the Opel mirrors? Awful design! That aside, I can only hope it is the Zafira and it does come to North America soon. GM needs all the help it can get!

  3. How can it be called a “rebadged” Daewoo. You make it sound like Daewoo is not a part of GM, and is designing these cars in isolation, and then just sticking the Bowtie on them. That might have been the case for the original Aveo, but any car from now on is a GM car, that happens to be having a fair amount of the engineering done at GM’s Korean subsidiary. Though in this case the engine was designed by GM NA and GM Europe.

  4. why would GM/chevrolet compete with Opel??? Opel is part of GM… chevy badges opels in latin america as chevys…

    and opel are badged saturn in the US…

    the pontiac soltstice you just tested is also an opel! the engines are pure opel! since you liked the engine and sound… 😉

  5. No big surprise. The UAW contract said that GM would build a 7-seat vehicle off the Delta II platform, which also underpins the Cruze. This is probably it.

  6. Please….say it ain’t so with the c pillar window filler. NNNOOOOOOO! I am ooking forward to seeing the rest of it though.

    I was wondering if the crossover was the next HHR too. What’s up with the huge air-brakes on the side of it though.

  7. Ah…the HHR replacement comes before the PT Cruiser’s replacement (the dead in the water Chrysler version of the Dodge Journey). So I guess this means the little PT won…being on the market for almost 10 years now, while the HHR had a meager 3.

  8. Also, I noticed something funny….about the car market in general. The retro act is far from over. First ,we had the PT/HHR make a comeback of the 30s and 40s, now we are having the muscle car comeback of the 60s and early 70s, with all the current fuel efficiancy movements were are about to embark on, the 80s have returned! This time with more safety in mind!

    It was smart to skip the 50s. Just a pure impossibility with today’s safety standards. Cars are no longer allowed to bounce off of and plow straight through things w/o taking damage.

  9. Why do the UAW parasites have anything to say about what GM shareholders can and cannot do? The UAW monkeys do not own GM.

  10. This is not the HHR replacement. The HHR will go to Delta II platform in 2 years. the HHR will gain 2.5″ in width.

  11. GM Korea has obvously taken charge of GM’s economy cars and Opel remains the boss in upscale compacts.

  12. (Why do the UAW parasites have anything to say about what GM shareholders can and cannot do? The UAW monkeys do not own GM.

    August 6, 2008 12:34 AM)

    Who are you? Some pissed off corporate fat cat or shareholder or something? If you really think it’s union workers who screw a company over, why don’t you google the term “golden parachute”. I’m not saying unions are angels or anything, yes they’ve made a bunch of mistakes too. All I’m saying is that they are in no way the only ones. I just love it when people blame the little guy for everything, when at the same time corporate execs are screwing the company over and doing what ever it takes to help out the shareholders with what they want without giving a crap about their number one priority…the CUSTOMER! I see, as long as the CEO and shareholders are making money then everything is fine. But as soon as things are going bad, oh, hey the labor costs are waaaayy to high, why the heck are we giving them medical insurance? Pensions!? HAHAHA…they want pensions and retirement? Who do they think they are?….ceo’s or something?

  13. I’m 100% sure this is the new Daewoo/Chevrolet Tacuma/Rezzo. A replacement was overdue. I’ve seen this being tested where I work, alongside the new Matiz/Spark.

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