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I hear this might be the new Buick “sedan”. Whatever they decide to call it, Invicta or La Crosse.
But this doesn’t really look like the Invicta production shot we saw a few weeks ago. At least the rear side windows seem very different.
Could it be a larger Buck sedan?
Something else?

Any idea???

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  1. Agreed, This is the next Lexus GS. From the windows to the proportions to the exhaust, it all matches

  2. Its hard to say. It looks like a toyota. It cant be the new Avalon as apparantly it has been axed.
    The new buick pictures weve seen look like a GS.
    However the car to the right in the background looks like a camry rear quarter.

  3. Look at the exhaust pipes. They’re similar to the LS460/600h.

    Look at the side glass and how it seems to come to a point under the camo wrap. It’s got the similar L-Finesse detailing. Look at the front wheel arc compared to the current GS.

    Yep, it’s the Buick alright. “American Lexus”…LOL

  4. That’s not a GS. That car is RWD. This is FWD, you can tell because of the front fender relationship to the door. It could be an ES update, but I’m still going with Buick Lacross replacement. The cammo looks the same as other spyshots I’ve seen. Either way, this is a coup for People trying to guess Buick or Lexus!

  5. Look closely at the interior. The cowl over the instruments looks exactly like the interior shots of the LaCrosse/Invicta.

  6. This is the new Toyota Yaris. I hate how they make cars bigger each generation… Seriously though, its the new Kia based on the new Hyundai Genesis – RPM

  7. to follow RPM’s lead, it the new sub-Yaris…

    I could understand kia being the “base” brand and hyundai moving upscale, but I don’t understand the appearent co-branding that appears to be going on…

    are they positioning themselves to provide americans the chevy/buick, betting that lutz’s volt will not deliver as promised?

  8. Colepl is correct; the interior and exterior are exactly the same. It is a Buick.

    … way too freaking big to be a Kia equivalent of the Genesis.

  9. I really don’t think it is a Kia. It looks more like the Buick LaCross with some updated rims from earlier spy photos. This looks nice … and big … and it definitely isn’t an Acura since if it were, it would be covered in “design features”.

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