New even bigger Hyundai testing.

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Yes, an even bigger one.
This is so far called the i70. And will probably replace the old Equus only sold in Korea.

I really don’t think Hyundai is is a position to sell an even larger and more expensive car than the Genesis outside of its home market.

By the way, I did see my first Genesis on the road this week end. And sure enough, it is totally invisible.
But actually no more so than most other boring looking “luxury” sedans out there.

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  1. Granted, most Hyundai’s (in the States anyway) have never broken new ground styling-wise. Rather, over the recent past they’ve brought each segment a vehicle that’s equal to the others in that class at a lesser price. To verify that, most automotive journalists have acknowledged that Elantra, Sonata, Santa Fe, Veracruz and Genesis are even better than their target vehicles in most aspects. If it helps, think of Hyundai as the “Cubic Zirconia” of the industry…same flair, less cost than a real diamond. Frankly many of us can’t or refuse to pay for what’s been perceived as the “leaders” -and as it’s proven more and more that Hyundai can beat them, why pay more? If status and labels are your game you can certainly buy a Lexus or BMW or Mercedes to satisfy your ego…but most are perfectly satisfied to know the “circle H” logo means so much more than it once did and there’s no shame in that.

  2. OK, the Japanese owned the small car market. Then they fell asleep, moved upmarket and allowed the
    koreans in. Now, the Koreans have lost focus and are moving upmarket. This has reopened the door to the Japanese small car. Japan will never let that go again. It is with a broad smile that we in the Japanese business greet the Koreans into the large car market. Hey great timing by the way??????

  3. Yes hyundai still have alot to learn if thay want to play with the “big boys”.
    But they may have another agenda. Thay may be watching and learning from the big boys mistakes.

  4. I saw one coming south bound on the highway when I was going north bound. The car caught my interest from a fairly far distance. I started asking my wife to look at the car and tell me what it was. It has presence, but does not offend (’09 TL and Maxima). I was impressed by how the car looks. It is a clean, solid design, that does get my attention.

  5. I saw one parked the other day at Costco, sticker was $36K, fully loaded V8. A very nice car, indeed. I do agree that it may blend in with the rest of the crowd, but the quality is there.

  6. So, cars either blend in the crowd or someone like Acura goes out on the limb to not blend in and gets slammed for being a Klingon car maker. Oh to be a designer and have the critics NEVER be happy.

  7. I love hyundai’s pattern for sedan design. Every other model gets rear quarter windows:

    Accent: without

    Elantra: with

    Sonata: Without

    Azera: With

    Genesis: Without

    Bigger Hyundai: With

    Surely I’m not the only one who has noticed this cleaver pattern…

  8. Only in Korea? One word: China. If I remember
    correctly, they launched Genesis as it’s own brand
    there, so this would be a nice addition. If they keep
    going upmarket, then they could sell this and a higher
    model in the US under it’s own brand (along with the next-gen Genesis). It could be basically the same value as Hyundai, but more upmarket and without the H badge.

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