new Ford Fiesta Video

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Sorry, no cheezy music.

And no interesting shots either. Just the car driving around.
But it does look really good.

Let’s hope this will be a hit for Ford in the US.

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  1. a great looking car, based on a great Mazda2 platform. But it won’t be a huge hit unless a 5 door is available. A 3 door won’t be a sales success!

  2. Now, if they would just make an green, say forest green(darker)….
    local dealership told me yesterday, these will be released January 2010, in USA.
    Was hoping sooner.
    Not bad, though. Just fix the colors…light blue(had one of those….years ago) hit because the guy said” I didn’t see it”(on a slightly cloudy day!) blended with the background, sort of like this light green Fiesta, seems to match the grass/trees behind it…hmmmm…not so good to make colors that matches “background colors”(the sky, the trees/grass, etc).

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