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I did drive a Civic last year. A nice car.
I actually like the “Star Trek interior”.
And I did drive a Kia Spectra a couple of weeks ago.
Another decent car. Good power, solid feeling etc…

This Forte looks much better and more substantial than the Spectra.
So I guess this would be a really good choice against the Civic. Which is good looking, but not hat great,really.

And this looks much, much better than the “new” Corolla.

My advice is: All of these small sedans are kind of boring no matter what. This one looks good, probably drives good. And you can’t beat the warranty. And save a few $1000s on top of that.

So , really.. Why not…

But… There is the “I drive a Kia ” factor. if you’re married with kids, and responsible, that’s fine.
But if you’re single, looking to have some fun with the opposite sex… That’s another story…

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  1. What if I’m looking for fun with the same sex? Is this the car for me? Or should I get a Beetle convertible?


  2. Looks Hot! It’s up there in Civic and Mazda 3 territory as far as looks! I guess they had to find a way to fix the bland Elantra emotion, nice distraction!

    This leaves the Corolla back in 2003 for sure. Interestingly enough, the differences between the 2002 and 2003 Corolla were truly radical, however, radical can only last a few years before it becomes bland and stale. I’m still wondering what they Corolla was supposed to be like BEFORE they retooled it’s look to “fight” the good looking Civic.

  3. I saw a lightly camo’ed Forte a ew weeks about about 20 miles north of Las Vegas as I was heading out of town.

    What really struck me was how long it actually is, compared to every single photo I’ve seen of it so far.

    It’s dramatically longer then the Spectra it replaces, and placed side by side with the 4-door Civic, might be even longer then that.

    Pictures don’t do this car justice. It’s gorgeous and such a quantum leap over the Spectra that it’s not even funny.

    It will probably take some word of mouth to catch on, but if it does, and if it manages to be competitive gas mileage wise with Civic and Corolla, then Kia is going to sell an absolute crapload of these.

  4. It loks great. I especially like the Acura TSX style headlights. The interior looks good too. If this car is at least competitive on performance, economy and price (we all know it’ll be competitive on price), then Mike is right, they will sell a crapload of them. Who would’nt want an affordable Acura TSX…..oh…without the huge snowplow on the front?

  5. Why not, Vince?

    Have you ever heard of resale value or do you not think of that? Sure, with this you save maybe a grand or two upfront but 5 years down the road this will be worth $5,000 less than the Civic you should have purchased. You can’t escape that. Sure, it is a bargain when you buy it but when you sell it you are screwed.

  6. How about “I drive a Forte”?
    And as far as same-sex cars,
    go for something European
    and preferably convertible.

  7. Everyone throws in re-sale, but in reality, you will get this for well under 2K less than a Civic. Dealers discount the hell out of Kias and Hyundais so you will definitely save more than 2K. Then is you take financing into account you save a couple a hundred more. I believe that the hyundais are actually a little cheaper to insure as well. In the end when you go to trade it in I think it will be a wash. You can either have your money up front or in the end. For me i’ll take the money upfront because you are always a car crash away from having no re-sale value.

  8. Would look so much better if there were glass in the trailing part of the rear door window instead of that cheap plastic triangular patch.

    Cars designed with plastic slugs instead of windows look like crap IMO.

  9. There are some people who say that the depreciation and resale value of the korean cars match that of the japanese cars.
    I totally disagree, i have owned a korean car which will remain nameless and say i nearly had to mortgage my house to get rid of it.
    I now own a japanese vehicle and what depreciation?? Or minimal as such.

  10. Still team Corolla. Even Civic. And I hate the Civic.

    This is a big improvement for Kia though, I must admit.

  11. “Vince, do you seriously need to rely on a vehicle brand to get laid? Makes me glad I left Cali.”

    Here in Manhattan, driving a hot car won’t get you laid because most people assume you don’t have a car unless you tell them. But for those of us who keep cars in the city, pay $600/month to park, inflated insurance, $5/gallon gas, there is NO WAY a Kia or Hyundai would even be a consideration.

  12. How long did it take Honda to copy the 2002 Toyota Prius for the current Civic and 05′ Lancer? They did the same thing Kia did took an original design and made it looks better. Kinda how the 1st generation Lexus RX and the Kia Sorento. The new Pilot looks like a Jeep how long did that take? The back of the Civic coupe looks like the back of the Camry. but it’s ok for Honda to copy but now Kia right?

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