New TL Interior

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A little closer to the new Klingon designed interior.

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  1. I think this looks great. Honda never disappoints when it comes to interiors. From afar it does look a bit cluttered but having those buttons there is so much more convenient than just the idrive system alone.

  2. It’s frowning.

    And wearing Kanye West sunglasses.

    Today is NOT a good day to die!

    (I’m leasing an ’09 Audi A4 when my Subaru Outback is up!)

  3. Very plasticky! Just like the new Accord it’s based on! Honda’s interiors are starting to suffer. Someone needs to remind them Acura is a Luxury make, not just on the window sticker!

  4. I think it looks great too.

    I don’t know why you keep on critcizing it, Vince. You must be the most boring person on earth. “Oh JOY! I get to drive a G6 convertible!!!”.

  5. Agree with Vince on this one, it is complete overkill. It is akin to all the wood new auto manufactures use in their interiors to make their product seem upscale. Wow, the more buttons and knobs, and labels there are the more technologically advanced the car must be, fortunately, that is not the case.

  6. buttons, knobs, etc… anyone else find it strange that when us “car enthusiasts” evaluate this appearant trend toward providing the user (driver) with an image of providing “personalized settings” on europeans makes, its merely a slight distraction, but when anyone else does it, its enough to kill the deal???

    surprisingly, the marketplace seems to be attacted by this gimmick… personally, reminds me of what i have never liked about Mercedes interiors… all those darn buttons…

  7. I don’t care about the buttons, but look at all that cheapo silver plastic. That’s the kind that feels cheap when you touch it and looks cheap when you see it in real life. Honda, like Toyota, is moving in the wrong direction.

  8. just a ugly. cheap

    this will die before it comes out peolep can get a lincoln or a cadillac for the same price as this crappp

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