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Well, the japanese version of our Versa, the Tilda, is getting some small revisions. Which include a new grille.

I personally think the Nissan Versa is one of the worse looking car sold in our country. Especially the sedan. It looks to me like an 1980’s eastern European car. Cheap and awkward looking.
I just don’t get it. Nissan has many other small cars they could sell here instead of this.

I just hope the new Cube kills it in the US line up.

So this new front isn’t really change anything…Is it…

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  1. Agree totally, the versa is really badly proportioned and strange looking. This front end is pinched and to angle down to the ground. yuck.

  2. I was on a test drive with my best friend and his girlfriend (who was driving) and the hood latch completely failed on RT-66. Hood flew up, broke the windshield and blocked any forward view. The sales person flipped out and blamed her, I saw where the release was and there is NO way that she could have even touched it while driving.

    Junk vehicle. We could have been seriously injured or killed. It is always nice to wait on the side of a busy highway for someone from the dealership to come pick you up. She immediately went to Fairfax Honda and bought a Fit, much better choice.

  3. Honestly, I like the Versa a lot. The sedan is ugly, I agree, but I think the hatchback looks great. In fact, my friend has a silver ’07 Versa and its such an incredible, high-quality car for the price. If they eliminated the sedan, I wouldn’t miss it, but I think the hatchback is becoming popular.

  4. As a Versa owner, I realize that its styling is an aquired taste. It’s very French. However, the Versa is a great car with a very roomy, adult interior. It’s drives well, it’s economical and is very quiet on the highway. Now with the cost of gas, everyone is asking me about the car.
    Outside of America it is sold as a premium compact, and I can understand why. If you compare it to the Fit, Matrix or the Yaris, it doesn’t look and feel like a kid’s car inside.
    And unlike the new Matrix, it doesn’t look as though it was left in the sun too long. The Versa may need some design updating, but at least it doesn’t look like it’s melting.

  5. Definately has the renault influence. I dont know if thats good or bad.
    They have a wagon based on the versa in japan called a Nissan Wingroad. Now thats hideous.

  6. I would choose it over the Fit… it’s much roomier inside than the Fit. I should know, one day my friend and I went to another friend’s in his Versa and we parked next to a third friend’s Fit. I was definitely much more comfortable in that Versa than the Fit.

  7. It’s half a size bigger than the Honda Fit/Jazz.

    The Versa/Tiida is a competent car that’s unfortunately rather dull and not especially attractive.

    The interior’s quite nicely done, though.

  8. I don’t understand how anyone could complain about the looks of the Versa and then turn around and praise the looks of the Fit. The Fit is not a very attractive looking car either. In fact, Honda has some of the ugliest designs on the auto market today. Their only saving grace is their engineering expertise, which has done well to carry them along. Honda products definitely don’t sell due to their “style”. Honda products are well built appliances and nothing more.

    I can’t wait for the Fiesta to arrive here and blow away everything else in the subcompact segment. Mazda could do it now if they would bring the Mazda2 to the U.S. GM could also have an attractive contender if they would find a way to bring the Corsa here. Right now, there is nothing available in the subcompact segment in the U.S. that I would consider buying (xD, Aveo, Yaris, Fit, Versa, Rio, Accent: They all suck!).

  9. The only reason they are popular with the rental cars is that they cant even give them away so they pawn off old stock to the rental companys for nix.

  10. As “bad looking” as everyone says, I sure see many of these on the road! More than the Yaris!

  11. True but the yaris hatch has just only been released! These dogs have been out for quite a while longer.

  12. The Versa is only hideous until you sit it next to the pricier Sentra.. then it almost looks normal. The Cube is supposed to supplant the Versa sedan when it arrives.. but the hatch should soldier on as a value leader since the Cube won’t be selling at anywhere near MSRP.

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