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What we know so far:

-5.5 Liter engine with 600hp

Looking a lot like the Advanced Sport Car Concept (Pictured here)

I think this will just be one of these image cars that will make the cover of every car magazine when it comes out.
And that’s it.
Very few people will actually get one…

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  1. Beautiful lines. Since production of these types of cars is limited, you are right Vince, few people are going to buy it.

  2. Looks a bit mainstream for an exotic, comparable to a Z car. I thought that Honda’s specialty was building small displacement engines for their sports cars… this is like a Viper. That’s not a criticism, just an observation.

  3. These cars are not made to be voulume sellers or even profitable. They are meant for publisity and customers into dealerships.

  4. The Honda HSC concept of 2003 still looks way exotic then this offering. Why can’t Honda just get over it and use the HSC as it is? It looks production ready. What do you think Vince, between the HSC and this, which would you buy?

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