Next E Class?

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It does look pretty real to me.
And does match all the spy shots we’ve seen so far….

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  1. Call me crazy but the rear fascia of the new E class reminds me of a Lincoln. That was the first thing that came to mind.

    Now, who wants to play “Count the circles on the interior of the car!”? It seems a bit too busy for my liking.

  2. “camry and genesis look better”


    i think you guys have never driven a bmw nor MB…. nor audi…. the japanese/korean (soon to come chinese) don’t handle nor feel like a well built european car on the open road!

  3. The front 3/4 view really looks like the last generation (i.e. boring version) of the Lexus LS430.

  4. Yes it is ugly but it is going to be a benchmark for everyone to copy and every buyer to lust after. Mercedes still has the cache.

  5. Love the front clip, looks like a big C from the side, the rear is generic (where’s the cat’s eye tail lights?) and the ugly interior looks like 80’s retro.

  6. I guess we now see who the weakest link was in the Mercedes/Chrysler partnership. I expect MB to have serious problems in the near future. This is not the time for automakers to offer bad designs.

  7. Now this is not so bad looking if you’re 70 and don’t mind cars that are grayer than your nose hair.

    And oh, how I just love that interior, which I can see the old geriatric guard flocking to.

    On the other hand, it makes a nice looking museum piece.

  8. The Acura TL now has stiff competition for the ugliest interior. Wow, can you say vertical. The Germans love their stiff, straight dashes. Look at any of the new BMWs and you will see the same straight dash. Does this make for more cabin space? I like how many of the Japanese dashes wrap around the driver and front passenger, or at least have some curve as the dash meets the side arm rests of the doors.

  9. My friends, I own a 2006 Audi A6 3.2; if I were in the market for a Hyundai Genesis, being as design-conscious as I am, I would prefer that car to this joke. We’re seeing the new transformation of Mercedes into a logo-driven brand. They won’t really bring the new design-conscious customers into the range as they have with the current generation E-Class. This will attract flashy people who want to be seen driving a Mercedes, but seekers of true quality will go down to the BMW or Audi dealerships. Even the Jaguar XF, a styling disappointment, looks better than this.

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