Next Ford C-Max?

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The current C-Max is one of the most boring looking cars in Europe.
But this Fiesta inspired illustration looks great.

We are scheduled to get the next generation over here within a couple of years.
And I’m sure a small 7 seater car looking that good would sell quite a bit in the US.

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  1. Burlapp the current C-Max is not boring, its pure German design that is why it looks more sober but it looks really nice and drives better than any other in its class. That chop isn’t very new, probably a few weeks old. The next model will most probably look more “exciting” and we should see a concept of it soon

  2. Small, fuel efficient vehicles with cargo/people capacity are a lot more appealing to me now than they one were, and I think this illustration represents a vehicle I may seriously consider buying in the near future. Since I changed jobs to a better paying (albeit still $h!t) job as a courier, and an independent one at that, the fuel consumption on my small pickup is bothersome as it eats away at my net income. Come on, Ford: bring us little diesels, too. You’ve got the Euro design, let’s have Euro fuel efficiency. I think they’re on the right track. Pieces

  3. georgios…

    I agree, the current C max is one of the best looking and performing in it’s primary class.

    judging this early image of the next new model, Ford appears to be looking stronger and stronger.
    I predict by 2011 that Ford will be one of the most solid auto manufacturers around.

  4. I agree the current model looks very boring, but, it is a critical and commercial success. This new and very improved skin is a another step in the right direction for ford. My only comment, what has taken them so long????????Did they run NA into the ground to get rid of half the employees and get concessions from the unions?????

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