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I had the chance to be driven in an Equus a few years ago.
It was pretty much like a Korean Town car if you askk me.

So this one should be no big surprises.
I guess it is now based on the Genesis platform instead of the old Mitsubishi one…

Not for the US anyway…

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  1. I’m guessing if this looks good enough, and the US dealers want it, this will be the third Genesis model in the new spin-off brand that will inevitably occur.

  2. This vehicle is destined for other markets other than the U.S. It is rumored that the Equus equals or exceeds the S Class and can go door-to-door and better with the 705il.

    Sadly, this will not make it’s U.S. debut, not until Hyundai creates a separate brand channel: Genesis

  3. Let’s wait and see how the Genesis does. Based on what I’ve see with the Genesis, I’m not convinced that Hyundai is any good at this yet. I am happy to be proven wrong with their next generation of product.

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