No more Tundra from Indiana

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The Toyota Tundra was being built in both the new Texas factory and the Indiana one. Both productions have been “idled” and were supposed to resume production in November.
But Toyota has announced that only the Texas plant will resume Tundra production.
Instead, they will make more Highlander in Indiana.
(The Highlander will be available with a new 2.7 Liter 4 cylinder for 2009)

This has to be a blow for Toyota who has spent so many years improving their full size pick up truck to finally “get it right”.
Just when the market collapses…

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  1. Goes to show it wasn’t only the American car companies who were cought off guard by the spike in fuel prices.

  2. I would guess toyota is kicking themselves right now for spending all that cash. Honda I think was tempted, but, stayed out, good move. Oh well, they still rake in the money everywhere else.

  3. True, toyota is in a better position than most car makers at the moment to weather out the recession and fuel price storm.

  4. HA, I find it funny that they are giving back the Highlander’s 4cyl to boost sales after making V6 only. So what is the purpose of the Venza again?

  5. 4 cyl. in that beast?? dunno… I think it defies its purpose, put 4 adults inside and carry some weight and that thing won’t move!! Well, it’s a 2.7L but still, might as well just stop production then…

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