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Mitsubishi has decided against a production version of the ZT Concept.
So what most people saw as the new Galant won’t be happening.
Kind of weird because this one looked pretty much production ready.

It could mean a few things:

-They don’t want replacement for the Galant
-They are designing something better.
-They gave up on the mid sized car market
-They gave up on making cars all together and are concentrating on high speed blenders.

What do you think?

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  1. How is their money situation in the US. Did I hear a rumor earlier that they were thinking of pulling out of the USA because of poor sales? Hopefully they’re working on something better. It’s not as bad looking as one of the new Acuras but there is a lot of room for improvement, at least in the appearance of the front end.

  2. Mitsu sales in the US are DEAD. Besides the new Lancer/Evo everything else is drowning in a pit of mediocrity. Even the Outlander isn’t doing that great. It’s a shame, because I really like the design of the ZT.

    Anyways, I vote blenders!

  3. Looks better than the already stale looking Saturn Aura. Mitsubishi makes some good cars, but they either just don’t compete in their segments or people simply don’t think of a Mitsu when they’re buying. I know I don’t.

  4. Mitsubishi does NOT make good cars. Their quality and reliability have never been class leading. Their record in the U.S. is horrible and as a result, so are their sales.

    Mitsubishi as a car maker, has fast been approaching a vanishing act.

  5. I think Mitsubishi does in fact have the DNA to success
    but it their marketing/project development team that needs to be shot dead.
    1) Their small Electric power car would pose a major threat on the Smart.
    2) Their Fuso division helps drives in the US
    transport goods w/o the need of heavy trucks.
    3) They know how to make a decent sports car
    such as the 3000GT.

  6. It’s a good thing they abandoned this design because it’s not that great. It’s bad because the current Galant is pathetic and needs to be replaced.

    What do I think? Mitsubishi should cut a deal with Citroen to rebadge their nice looking new C5 sedan and wagon to sell in the U.S.

  7. My first impression of this wasn’t great, but looking at what they did to the current Galant, it looks WONDERFUL! This should have been the 2009 Galant. Not a 2004 3rd Edition.

  8. +1 agreed with the previous comment.. I’m guessing they realized this looks exactly like the last Diamante… you know, the one that failed to sell well. Mitsubishi needs something dramatic (yet tasteful) to distance itself from the pack, the way Nissan did with the Altima in 2002… and this ain’t it!

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