Opel Insignia Wagon

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But they officially call it “Sport Tourer”. I guess “Wagon” is still a dirty word, somehow…
This is really nice looking. Even the Audi Q7 inspired rear hatch works. It makes it a bit more original than most other mid sized wagons.

The Insignia will be our next Aura.
Let’s hope this makes it over here through Saturn.

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  1. It is pretty. looks very ‘beefy.’ a cross between an audi and a 5-series wagon. gm definitely has to bring it over here intact.

  2. I love it. If this were here now, I’d sell my soul to get one. Wagon like these just don’t exist here in the US anymore.

  3. GM keeps defying logic by not bringing these models, as styled, to our shores earlier. Is it not more efficient production wise to produce them in one place and sell them with a different badge around the world with slight styling changes? Why bother designing diferrent cars here versus in Europe? I know…I know. The highly paid GM executives know better. And the market has spoken loudly and clear so far.

  4. “GM keeps defying logic by not bringing these models, as styled, to our shores earlier.”

    If at all….GM whines, complains, and makes excuses as it bleeds red in by the bucketful in North America. Yet they introduce fantastic products like this in other markets with no mention of it coming here. They sell wagons through Saab (Sportcombi’s) and Cadillac (SRX) but no other brand? I have NO pity for GM losing billions in North America. Maybe once in a while they can give North Americans something interesting (IN WAGON FORM!) other than a Pick up or SUV. I won’t hold my breath, we are talking about GM here.

  5. I guess we are in the minority. Almost everyone I know wouldn’t want to be caught dead in a wagon, even in a BMW or Mercedes!

    I think we are to blame and not GM for not bringing it here. GM does what the market dictates.

    For me? Bring it over baby and put in a 7 seats like the MB wagon and I will be the first to put down a deposit.

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