Paul Newman’s last lap.

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Mr. Paul Newman drove on the Lime Rock track in August 13 what will probably be his last race.
The track was closing its doors when he got to do one last lap with his favorite car, watched only by close friends.

A true Hollywood and car legend is getting ready to say goodbye.
Let’s send him all our good thoughts. He has brought good things to so much to so many people.

Live every moment my friends….

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  1. Heard that Paul Newman was terminally ill which is sad. He’s a great actor and fine person as well, so it’s said by those who know him.

    We’d like good people to live forever but unfortunately, they don’t. Too bad.

  2. I don’t even know him, but what he did with “Newman’s Own” line of food tells me he is a good guy. I think I saw over 250M going to worthy organizations?

  3. Paul Newman will pass away by the end of September. He has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

    He will be remembered for quite a long time as he has dedicated his life to many charities to help better others lives.

    It is a true shame to lose such a great person to such a terrible disease.

  4. Once I wrote a funny comment to the Newman’s Own brand about a salsa they make, and it got up to the president who wrote back and said she shared it with Paul and had a laugh.

    He’s a good guy.

  5. He led a full, rich, rich life and got the most out of it. A wonderful career in acting and racing.

    We’ll miss old Cool Hand.

  6. The majority of us share the thrill and excitment that cars bring to us. Paul Newman exemplified that same thrill. Guys like he and James Dean and Steve Mcqueen will always be remembered in the “car world”. Have a peaceful journey home MR. Newman.

  7. Mr. Newman has lived a long, rich, and full life an actor, husband, and humanitarian. We were just fortunate to have had him in the world this long. Vince is right…live every moment.

    Great men like Mr. Newman are few and far between. Like fine gems, their rarity is why they are so precious.

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