Peugeot RC Hybrid concept

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Coming up soon at the Paris Auto Show. (I wish I could go…)

Not much is known, but it looks like a 4 door “coupe”.
And it has 313hp!

I wonder if that will become the new “face” of future production Peugeot models. Or the shape of their new top of the line sedan…

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  1. Audi wants their R8 sedan concept back. They decided to not make it after they realized that it looked just plain goofy. I am sorry, but the proportions just don’t seem right. The raised, but short hood combined with the really large windshield give the car an odd stance.

  2. Could this be the next 608? I sure hope so-
    maybe they’re trying to do a “4 dr coup√©”
    instead of the traditional sedan which doesn’t
    have the same appeal as other marques.

  3. However, the front design is great and Peugeot has already announced that they will change their design significantly, because the new designer does not like the recent design…as I do. The recent Peugeots mostly look awful, not a bit classy because of the shark mouth and much too big headlights…

  4. That thing is SEXY.

    I’m glad someone finally came out with a concept for a performance hybrid sedan. Hybrid engines aren’t only for saving fuel economy but can provide a real boost in a performance car.

  5. I hope you’re right about the new Peugeot face. Not that I’m crazy about it but anything would be better than the current hideous shark mouth.

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