Porsche Panamera interior

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We’ll see the whole thing in a few weeks.
It better be great. That car will probably cost more than an S class.

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  1. YES!!!!!



    Merc CLS63 AMG.

    Rolls-Royce will attempt to compete with its new RR4 Flying Whatever.

    …and howmuchyawannabet Audi’s prepping their S7 V10 to tackle this lot?

    …in an all-out grudgematch.

    Dubai, here they come!

  2. The interior looks very interesting. I just hope the exterior is better than what the test mules show.

  3. The test mules have too many undulations in the haunches, back end, and around the lights for me to beleive we are actually looking at the true exterior. This car better shrink a little bit when all of the camo comes off. It also better have less “Junk-in-da-Trunk” when it finally hits the car shows. That back end is just too big.

  4. Looks like the console was designed by Vertu. And like the Vertu, it’s not bad. But it’s also not as good as it should be.

  5. I saw 2 of them with mild camouflage driving around Las Vegas a few weeks ago and they actually look much better on the road, and the engine sound was very impressive.

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