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Mostly comparing it to the concept.
I think this is shaping up to be an attractive looking car.

Let’s just hope tax credits will make it semi-affordable for most of us…
It is still a Chevy after all, not a Cadillac…

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  1. It however is the Cadillac of fuel efficiency………

    Tax credits are simply the wrong thing to do at this point for any vehicle. The demand for fuel efficient cars is outstriping the supply. There is already over 33K people who want this vehicle alone and it is along ways off. Why if you have more buyers of these cars than cars to sell would you want to increase demand even more with tax credits??? Another really bad idea coming out of obama camp.

  2. I think this looks better than the concept so far. But is this real or is it the clay molding? The reason I say this is because a little while ago I saw similar pics and the were carving the clay and the grill looked like a sticker.

  3. I think they should have given it to Caddy. It would make more sense for the price and it would be the first luxury plug in Hybrid.

    Anyway, if they get it right, this car will be a hit.

  4. 30k maybe’s does not mean 30k sold vehicles. Incentives will lhelp to sell vehicles to those that will actually want to buy. If the price is near 40k quoted by Lutz some time ago, the incentives will be needed to sell these.

  5. Let’s keep politics out of this blog – it’s about cars. It was not the “Obama camp” but the GM Execs who first announced that the Volt would be unaffordable to most of the market without tax credits. They have been lobbying Washington for tax credits for the Volt from day 1! Yup, those good ol’ free enterprize boys.

  6. I say good on all the car makers that are going for the alternative fuel/electric power. At least they are trying to do something for the future. Its a mighty challenge and they are the ones taking the risk.

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