Revised Lexus IS

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I guess this will be a 2010 model since it will be introduced early 2009.

On top of what you see, they will get new wheels as well.

And I would guess a much needed boost for the base 2.5 liter engine.

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  1. Oh great. New plastic pieces. How about updating the Camry front end or the economycar tail. Well, I spose the mirror blinkers are useful.

  2. It looks like they added LED tail lights, which will make it look much better and upscale. The rest isn’t really much of a departure from the current model.

    I agree that the 2.5 does need a few ponies, but I doubt they’ll squeeze more than 5-6 out of the current engine. Maybe they should just make it the IS300 again and boost the power to the 230-240 range.

  3. For me, this has been a very nice, rewarding car to drive and own. Lord knows it’s has been extremely reliable, too. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat. Resale isn’t too shabby either.

    And like the incomparable assh*le…excuse me…automotive expert said, mirror signals are useful. They are a smart safety/visibility feature that would be welcomed on all cars.

    Hey Vince, you deserve a vacation like the Carscoop folks do, too. We’d miss ya, but do yourself a favor. Your fans would understand.

  4. I thought this was due to be replaced. It just seems outdated. I never have found it to be a very smart looking design and am surprised Toyota isn’t going to have something to replace it sooner.

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