Revised Mitsubishi Colt

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Or “how to ruin a nice design”.
The top car is the one coming out soon, with the all new front end.
The bottom one is the current model, on sale for the past few years.
But still a modern and quite original model.

Now Mitsubishi wants to make sure the Colt has the same front end as the Lancer. Or something close.
That’s just too bad…

Not that we’ll ever see it over here or anything….

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  1. Ah, haven’t heard the name Colt for so long. The Colt IMO was the pioneer in the CUV market back in the 80s.

  2. wow.. that is a massive MMC fascia update.. but not totally unexpected based on the concepts Mitsubishi has been showing. The forward-canted grille seems to mimic the “scared-rabbit” forward-cant of the rear end from that angle, so it doesn’t look too odd… but the angular cornering lights look kinda weird on the otherwise rounded, organic body shape.

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