Roewe 550 commercials

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Including the cheesiest writing and worse dubbing I’ve seen in years.

But the car seems really decent.
I wonder why this is even in English.

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  1. Cheesiest writing? Dubbing? Well, just say it – it is a much more attractive car than anything that comes from the US… and You guys there simple are afraid, cause the world loves Chinese/European/Japanese products (who still talks about “China =just cheap” outside the US?) but nobody buys the US-low-quality-stuff (just saw a Cadillac CTS in real – a car I just thought some months before would be great). Sorry, I love the US constitution but the time of the US is over… feel really sorry because of that, really sorry!

  2. Yep, the developed world still thinks the Chinese build cheap stuff. And this doesn’t help. I like the third clip though, but the car was totally incidental.

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