Saturn Aura 2.4 L 6 speed test drive coming up

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I know, I know.. I still have to post my notes on the Kia Ronda I was driving last week.
That’s what week ends are for I guess.

But I am now driving a 2009 Saturn Aura. With a newly available 2.4 Liter 6 speed auto combo. Similar to what Chevy offers on the Malibu .
I think it’s interesting to see a smaller engine available on the top of the line version of the Saturn mid sized car.
Toyota and Honda have been doing it for years. But so far, the Aura was only available with a V6.

Go ahead if you have any questions about it.
I’ll report on it soon. With pictures and video.

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  1. The deals on all GMs look pretty sweet at the moment with the employee pricing. To bad I’m likely out of the car-buying market till 2011 or 2012. Till then there’s nothing out there that is fuel efficient enough along with fun enough to drive to make a purchase remotely interesting or worthwhile.

  2. Let us know how it handles compared to the Malibu and G6 you have reviewed. The big questions is how the 6 speed will affect mpg and performance.

  3. this car may be my next ride so i am interested to see what you think. i have driven the 4 cyl/4 sp and found it pretty good, i hope the 6 speed is even more entertaining.

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