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I’ve been almost driving no stop.
And I found out this car is pretty much like a gorgeous girlfriend.
It almost doesn’t matter what is wrong with it.
You’re under a spell. You notice what’s wrong, but… Who cares…

But when you wake up in the morning, this is still just metal and plastic. So your feelings are much easier to manage than with a girlfriend.

The car is just a blast to drive. I find the steering about perfect. The suspension is the right blend of form and comfortable.
And the car is extremely solid. Not a noise or rattle ever no matter how bad the road is.
The engine is fast and smooth. And very quiet. With just the right amount of exhaust sound. And it does sound sporty, not loud or fake like some exhaust out there.
And there is no turbo lag at all.

But… Nothing is ever perfect. The interior is made of one cheap plastic after another. But it also does look good.
And the car’s base price is pretty low. So I don’t really mind it that much. Although it seems it wouldn’t take that much to improve the materials.

The worse part is. like everyone says, there is no room to put stuff. (I will post more pics later)
The center console doesn’t even have a small tray to put stuff. And no drawer of any kind under the radio.
It’s almost weird.

So there is an iPod plus. Great.
But no place to put your iPod. You just need to get a wire long enough to let it sit on the seat?

But like I said, it puts a smile on my face every single time I drive it. Even whenI just look at it.

And It won’t cheat on me, or get tired of me, or tell me it’s not “in love” with me.
I’ll never hear “we need to talk” or “let’s not do this for a while”.

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  1. These cars are another decent recent effort from GM but would you really rather have one of these over a Miata? I know it’s faster, blah, blah, but I have a ’91 Miata with 75K miles that runs like a top. The only thing that it has needed to have repaired in the 10 years that I’ve owned it is the clutch slave cylinder. That’s it. Show me one 17 year old GM car that is this reliable and I will fein interest in this car.

  2. You’re absolutely right.
    The Miata has been proven to be one of the most reliable car around year after year.
    No matter how good the new GM products are, they aren’t proven yet.

    But most people don’t keep their cars that long anymore either…

  3. “But when you wake up in the morning, this is still just metal and plastic.”

    When Douchebag Jones wakes up, his girlfriend is still made of plastic.

    “So your feelings are much easier to manage than with a girlfriend.”

    The trick here is to get up earlier than she does, sneak out, and make a clean get away. No feelings to manage! And if you have a Solstice GXP to make that clean getaway in, you will have fun making the escape, so you’ll have 2 reasons to smile.

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