Subaru Forester Diesel coming up

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At least in Europe.
The 2.0 Liter will produce 150hp and much more torque than the 2.5 Liter. All available at 1800rpm.

I almost was going to say that we could use this over here. But last time I checked, Diesel fuel was still $1 more than regular gas.

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  1. will you be able to run it on veggie oil or some kind of conversion?

    i’d be all over that car like shit on velcro.

  2. Where I am, diesel is just $.70 more than regular unleaded and $.50 more than premium. At $.70 more for diesel, I would prefer the diesel. If you compare the diesel VW Jetta with the 2.5L gasoline engine, you will come out ahead by a little. I think the 2.5L will get 29mpg hwy and the diesel will do at least 40mpg which more than 33% better. Break even point in less than 4 years with the diesel tax credit applied. I have not found it hard to find diesel where I live. Every Shell station around seems to offer diesel and most of the Chevron stations do as well. The bargain bin stations like Arco don’t usually have diesel but I don’t ever fill up there anyway.

    Diesel motors are more reliable as well because they have to contend with much higher compression. Also, diesels have loads more torque than gas motors. This doesn’t result in fast 0-60 times but it will give you knock-your-head-back acceleration from 30-60mph. Always remember; we buy horsepower but we drive torque. Torque matters immensely but gets little attention in marketing literature.

    I really hope Subaru sells the diesel Forester in the next couple years. That is what I will replace my wife’s Sienna with. Unless Saturn can bring over the new Insignia wagon as a diesel first…

  3. The gasoline boxer engine is terrible with NVH. I can only imagine what their diesel would be like…

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