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Thanks to all of you who gave me such a good feedback while I was in trouble with the “Paramount Man”.

These pictures of the Volt were all over the internet within minutes. So they must have been pretty busy sending threatening letters to everyone.
But it made me feel great to have all of you guys supporting me.
I’m just trying to bring you the latest news.
We all love cars, that’s all. Sometimes a little bit too much.

And I think there is no such thing as a mistake. That Volt was there to be caught on film. You know GM cannot wait to see what people think of it. They have a great car and they know it. They also want us to know it. As soon as possible…

Thanks again to all!!!

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  1. Burlapp.

    You still a shumuck for believing that prank.
    Not everyone likes you such as D Jones and Brenda Picaddy (the spy photographer) and your dentist.
    Fix you teeth already and get on with your life.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but most photos taken in public are up for grabs, at least with people…such as a park or somewhere big. So if they didn’t want the photos taken they should have kept it more secret. Good job with the blog Vince!

  3. Vince, you had to have been pranked here. Jalopnik and Auotblog still have the pics up, as do a few others.

    Plus pics on a public street are fair game. It’s not like an intrusive papparazzi took them.

    And to add to that, I have not wasted any time on Paramount since the douchebags there cancelled Enterprise. Paramount sucks.

  4. LOL

    Yeah, I downloaded the photos, too. Who knows, I could have sent them all over the place…Paramount, get my IP address from blogger and chase me down. I have attorneys.

  5. Isn´t it the same, again and again? Mercedes-Benz E-Class spotted on the set of Men in Black, then the new Mercedes GL-Class, spotted on the Set of “Sex and the City”. The new Ford Ka in the upcomming James Bond etc. etc.

    There have been too many occasions which have shown a car manufacturer like GM that a car, which should be presented in a new film is likely to be photographed and published all over the world.

    You were not the one taking the photos, but you published them. And that is why we all visit your blog that often. Because you do a great job here, catch our intrest and keep it on the cars in the US, but also abroad.

    You are doing a great job here, Vince, not matter what GMs lawyers might say ;)) Keep up the good work.

  6. If they did’nt want it to be seen, they would’nt have had it out there. At least it would have had camoflague on it. Or is GM that short on cash that they can’t afford camo for their cars anymore. What better hype can be created for a car then to have it on the set of a movie so some people can see it, and then complain and make a big stink later because there are now pictures of it roaming around the internet. They should have (and probably did) known that this would happen. Like I said they should have had camo on it or better security or something. This is’nt like the ZR-1 incident where a worker took some photos in the facility where he worked and then later got fired. I think they wanted this to happen. Think about it. These Transformers movies are like car advertisements for GM. Does anyone remember the Camaro hype and photos during the making of Transformers 1? What about the possible concept Corvette photos recently released from Transformers 2? I say this is a great big load of BULL POOPIES on GM’s part. I like GM, but this is total BULL POOPIES!

    Great work (as always) Vince!

  7. Ohh im so scared, The “paramount” mans coming to get me.
    The “boogie” mans been made redundant.

  8. Good Job. That is the reason I go to your Website several times a day. The latest Auto News, delivererd!

  9. Keep up the good work vince. I visit your site everyday and your work and reviews are great.
    Dont let those puppetts bring you down. You have more fans then them.

  10. Imagine if Burlapp went to Jail over this? I think all the SISTERS (not sistas as in black women or as in the opposite of brothers but the type that doesn’t care if your still a man– would run for their lives in the saw his teeth. Maybe this is why Burlapp doesn’t care about the Paramount guy throwing him in jail. Burlapp would just be happy with the internet and photoshop tools.
    But to be honest, I make up the Paramount Prank, because I am the real DoUcHEbAG jOnEs!!!

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