Toyota iQ trunk

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Sure, it’s fine. Even better than expected.
With the rear seats down.

But it really looks like any rear passenger would be stuck against the rear window.
But I guess, when only 2 are in the car, the trunk space is actually pretty big…

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  1. keep in mind, this is a class of vehicle known as a city-car. it offers extra back seat accommodations in a pinch, but think of it as the modern equivalent of a jump-seat (at least you wouldn’t be sitting outside). not everybody needs a car for more than the regular shopping trips or commuting 30 minutes or less. i welcome increased availability and choice of different kinds of cars here in north america.

  2. Not every city car has to be the size of a buick or suv. This will serve its purpose very well. Especially in the european market.

  3. ben, I totally agree. In a few years I will be in a position to drive only a few miles to get to my work. I also want a nicy sports car, but don’t want it to by my commuter car. I would be happy to pay 15K for a small runabout vehicle that is my A-B transport. That would leave my Garage Porn car for weekends and track days. I looked at the Smart a few weekends ago (again, I saw the original in Germany way back in ’00) and would like cars that compete with it here in the U.S.

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