Transformer 2 video. Including production Chevy Volt!!!

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Just click on the title.

Pretty amazing footage towards the middle of the video.
This car looks great!

Thanks to Greg for this.

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  1. Well the silver one looks like a retro concept Corvette in front of Bumblebee (Orange Camaro). The green one looks like a custom Chevrolet Beat (designed by GM Daewoo) while the dark red vehicle next to it is a custom Chevrolet Trax (also designed by GM Daewoo). The Beat and the Trax were part of a campaign showing a vision in small vehicles that GM may offer in the future. They made a website letting people vote which small car people would like to drive. I wonder if they used the Chevy Groove in the movie as well (another small car by GM Daewoo).

    The blue and red Peterbilt semi-truck in the back is of course Optimus Prime (known as Convoy in Japan)returning from the first film. The pickup next to Optimus is Ironhide (GMC TopKick) who is also returning from the first film.

    >_< I hope the product placement doesn't ruin the movie.

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