Two new Seats coming up

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First, the Exeo sedan and wagon. A large car for Seat, based on the Audi A4 platform.
The only thing is, it doesn’t really look like a Seat. A bit boring.
But still. That could make a decent Passat replacement for the US. We are still supposed to get a US built model after the current Passat.

The little Tribu crossover/SUV looks more like a true Seat.
Not sure, but it looks like it might be based on the VW Tiguan.
And cheaper too…

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  1. That Seat A4 doesn’t look very large to me. And different front and rear ends won’t disguise the fact that it’s the same basic Audi design from 1994. May as well bring the Skoda Superb instead.

  2. Might as well have a VW A4 in the US to cut corners and save money. Kinda degrading to Audi though. They’ve managed to have different body sheetmetal thus far….but these are desperate times for ddesperate measures…

  3. Actually, rpm, that is not a chop, it is the actual thing. I work in the auto industry in Barcelona and these images (rendered from the CAD data) are already well known in the industry here. The Exeo is nothing more than a previous-gen A4 with new front and rear ends. It is an emergency patch solution for the Seat Toledo debacle. To be honest, I am not expecting it to sell very well except among taxi drivers.
    And the Tribu looks terrible. I had never seen that. It looks like a freakin Tonka toy. The concept car looked so much better. I’m hoping that this is not quite the real thing (though I fear it might be if it comes from the same source as the accurate Exeo images), otherwise Seat is not going to get anywhere with this.

  4. This car is not good at all. Not for Seat and not for Audi. You can clearly see that this was once the Audi A4 (until 2007). Only the front and rear look different from the A…I’m not sure how Audi buyers think when almost the same model now will be sold cheaper. And for Seat it’s not exciting enough. It’s boring to death…That’s what they need.

  5. Very bad strategic move for Seat to be using old Audi bodyshells. At least sculpt the trademark side swoop into the front doors for crying out loud!

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