VW Gol Variant (wagon)

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Looks like VW is getting many versions of the new Gol ready.
First the hatch, then the Voyage sedan. Now this wagon and there will also be the cool looking small pick up.

Again, I just wonder if it might not be time for VW to bring back the Fox over here.

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  1. Well, the Fox is even smaller than the Gol, and
    the Gol is basically a Polo for developing countries.
    America is already developped, so I think we’ll take the Polo instead thank you. I think maybe you were referring to the old Fox which was sold in the US and is the predecessor to the new Voyage(basically a Gol sedan, so yet again, I’d rather take the Polo sedan it’s nicer).

  2. Yes, I was referring to the old Gol sold in the US years and years ago (1980s) as the Fox.

    Why not a new “US Fox” based on the new Gol?

    But I hear the next Polo could make it into the US, so that would mean no Gol for us.

  3. I actually prefer the size and styling of this wagon over the Jetta. Any interior photos kicking around?

  4. Wow, this wagon looks pretty good. It’s a mini Jetta wagon, that I’m sure isn’t as much a rip off!

  5. As far as the US being a “developed” nation, VW of Canada is currently selling facelifted versions of the previous Golf and Jetta alongside the current Rabbit and Jetta as their value leaders because the cost of selling the current models is too high.. and last I heard, they’re a pretty developed nation. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to take a few Gols off of Brazil’s hands.. just so they could drop the 10-year-old MK4s!

  6. Dear mister Burlapp,

    Thanks for posting my Photoshop! It’s no problem that you post my impression of what a Gol Variant might look like. Actually it’s just another stage to perform.
    But please do NOT remove my logo from the image!

    And yeah, it’s right: this is a Photoshop, not a real car. Sorry to bust that balloon, but thanks again for your interest in my work.

    Yours sincerely,

    Yellow Cab (Christiaan)
    Veenendaal, The Netherlands

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