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The Saveiro has been on sale for many years in Brazil.
This next version will be based on the new Gol.

That’s the one that was in the background of that Gol based sedan picture I posted a few days ago.

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  1. I love the idea of a small car-based pickup, as long as the packaging is sporty. So this looks great to me. It just needs to be not as cartoonish and plasticky as the Subara Baja was. That was a nice idea, but poor execution.

  2. It has a better shape than the upcoming Pontiac El Camino G8 thing, but it’s still a VW which means it is a pile of garbage.

  3. VW deserve a chance, they are trying.
    At least its a genuine VW, not some other brand thats been rebadged.

  4. With some minor changes to make it look more sporty this could be a hit for VW, if priced right. VW once was a cool affordable brand for those looking for European style. Lately the’ve just been another boring conservative car company.

  5. Once again, the Nazis in Wolfsburg wouldn’t let VW do Brazil export this. It would be beter than the crap they make in Germany and Mexico – and now the US.
    As much as I despise VW, I might go for this.

  6. “Nazis in Wolfsburg”? Vince – i am suprised that you approved this message by william. that was unnecessary, incorrect and insulting.

  7. william said, I am getting the impression that you more than despise VW, you have something against Germans as well. Calling a German a Nazi is very similar to calling a black person a Ni%%er in the U.S. Seek therapy for your issue and keep your racist remarks to yourself.

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