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This is just for Brazil.
A trunk version of the hatchback Gol.
Maybe it’s just me, but that wouldn’t look so bad as an entry level VW in the US either.

And look. Behind it, on the wall. It seems they’re working on a cool super small pick-up version.
That would be fun.

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  1. VW of America should negotiate directly with VW do Brazil to get these cars.
    Of course the hardhead Germans wouldn’t want this to happen. They are afraid the Brazilian VWs would be better and outsell the German junk they make.
    The 1987-1993 VW Fox was made in Brazil and was the best built VW I ever saw. It was built like a tank. It didn’t succeed in America because it did not have power steering and an automatic transmission.
    I speak from experience of having owned over 20 new VWs and having sold them for 8 years.

  2. That horrible black plastic or patch of something in the rear door window is grotesque and limits rear visibility.

    I think it’s a terrible design because it looks cheap while also enlarging the blind spot in back.

    Phooey on this thing!

  3. VERY interesting! The pick-up, of course, not the sedan.
    I would RUN to my VW dealer to buy a small pickup, preferably one with a removable roof panel and a removable rear window so I could put a cap on and make it a 4-seat mini-SUV in the winter. FWD would be fine; I don’t need the weight/expense/complexity of 4WD.

  4. Looks better than anything else in the lineup. The new Tiguan looks horribly cheap and outdated, especially for the price. The Jetta is garbage, they really need to bring this to North America.

  5. That rear end is beautiful, but it seems that the production car won’t be nearly that cool.

    iquack, that plastic piece you mention is actually a window reflecting the black background.

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