2009 Honda Element

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I guess a new front means no “all new” Element for a while…
This one might turn out to be Honda’s Crown Victoria.
A little update every couple of years. Never a new one.

The design is so odd I guess it could be called timeless.
I drove a couple of them over the years and never came out impressed. It never felt very solid to me, I guess with all these holes in the structure.
And it didn’t feel like driving, but rather moving a small living room in a forward position. At freeway speed.

But I guess most owners love theirs…

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  1. I guess it must still have enough sales to warrant the continuation of this model. Mind you car makers might be playing it safe at the moment.

  2. Haha, Vince, i love your moving living room example. I remember when these things first came out, I was with my dad when he test drove one. It seemed kinda cool, but if I felt I needed to hose out my car every so often, I’d get it, but I’ve yet to face such a need.

    The Element is Honda’s Crown Vic/PT Cruiser. You can’t change much to it w/o changing the original formula. I see these all the tiem on the road though, so they are selling.

  3. I had a chance to ride in the SC version of this car, and it was great. I know it is all cosmetic, but it added additional hip-ness to an already very cool car. Can`t argue the versatility either. I wonder what the new SC looks like.

  4. I work with a guy who has had three, he absolutely loves them. In all honesty it is an incredibly practical vehicle and I thought they were very comfortable when I rode in them. He has put over 200K combined on all of them and they never needed anything more than regular maintenance…

  5. “cube will eat this sucker up!”

    The Cube is an inch or two longer than the Mini Cooper. They aren’t competing vehicles, stupid comparison.

  6. Engine by Honda. Design by Sub Zero. Still not so pretty, but I can understand the appeal. Do these even sell at all?

  7. i would buy if it could seat five people. looks much better than the current chockablock look

    but i think i’ll wait until the new cube is unveiled. does anyone know details about it (mechanical stuff like engines, transmissions, price, etc.)?

  8. Vince, If you look closer you will also see a newly raised front hood as well as newly designed wheelwells. The tailgate has also been redesigned as well as the newly shaped tailights. If Honda can fix the problems with the Cheap Suspension and cement truck ride they might have a winner on their hands!

  9. I got rid of a 07' CRV, had many cars in the past (Camry, Accords, Taurus) but this is the best IMO.Keep in mind Vince that my wife is the primary driver and the E is so usefull. So much room in the back (kids in and out w/o a hassle) and I can pop the seats out in less than five minutes and Home Depot, here I come.It is a top pick on safety (front/side crash) so no worries here when my family rides in it.Vince, do you get the sense I love the E? you bet. I got on 08' EX-AWD Silver.Please get us a pictures ASA you can on the new model. I can't hardly wait.Here is a pic of my Ehttps://www.elementownersclub.com/attachments/picture-252520026-jpg.52651/Vince, keep up the good work.

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