2010 BMW 5 series

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Still just an illustration.
Not surprises here.

The current one was a more original design when it came out. And I have grown to really like it.
Let’s hope they don’t chicken out and come up with something nice.

At least it’ll be better than the upcoming Mercedes E Class…

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  1. Kinda odd but thus illustration reminds me of a china brillinace model, but i like it alot more than the current 5 series ….

  2. The new C and S class cars have really grown on me. I like their looks now far better than the BMW’s they compete with. I’d hold off on judging the new E class before seeing it on the road for a while. The cars that look great in photos before their release are always the ones that look old in a year or two.

  3. Since they are abandoning the whole Bangle thing, BMWs are all going to look the same. Just look-this drawing looks like a smaller 7-series (with 3-series headlights). Also-the grille is too big, make the lights bigger of the grille smaller. It’s too bad they can no longer differentiate between models, I guess the minority who complained about bangle’s designs (“Oh no-it’s different, change is scarry for me”) have got
    their wish.

  4. BMW is a bit late to the larger grille party. I liked it better when it was part of the hood.

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