2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible

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Looks like the real thing. But who knows.

And it doesn’t nearly look as good as the coupe.
The proportions are a bit weird. They usually are on hard top convertibles. But not all of them.
This looks a bit more like a 2 door sedan than a coupe.

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  1. From a quick glance, it reminds me of the Sebring Convertible….which isn’t a good thing. But a loaded Sebring costs just as much as this…which is a good thing because people would rather have this.

  2. the 3-series convertibles have a less fluid and a more “raised” look than it’s coupe variant too, so it’s pretty normal

  3. Looks like the Sebring?

    Maybe, but this one has a LOT better proportions than the Sebring being that it’s rear wheel drive.

    The Sebring always seemed ill proportioned to me……….being front wheel drive doesn’t help because of that goofy, way too long front overhang.

  4. That looks like a Sebring roof grafted on to the G37. The big giveaway is the rear side window.. which should have a similar squared-off “hoffmieister kink” type-end like the coupe in the video below, not tapering down to the beltline like the pic shows.

  5. I really dislike the shape of the roofs on most hardtop convertibles. This ruins the beautiful shape of the G37 and turns it into a common Sebring shillouette. Plus, you get all the ugly cut lines where the panels fold. Soft tops are better able to retain an appealing roof arc, particularly in the C pillar. Boo to this!

  6. Just for the record, I disagree with ne1butu. I realise the roof of hardtop convertibles doesn’t look very good sometimes (as in the current Renault Megane convertible, for example), but I still find them preferable to bulbous soft top roofs, which look awkward to me. And there are some hardtops that look undeniably great. The European Ford Focus convertible comes to mind.

  7. looks like a peugeot!

    and who cares what it looks liek if it improves visibility, trunk space, and rear headroom!

    although most convertible buyers care about what it does look like

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