2011 Chevrolet Volt videos!

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Quality isn’t that great.
That’s because they didn’t get Vince Burlapp to shoot them.
You don’t park a car in the sun to film the interior…

Next time they’ll know better…

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  1. The rear seats don’t fold in a hatchback, and the fifth passenger will have to walk? Okay, so it’s probably due to the battery taking up the center tunnel, but aren’t these important things that matter in a family car?

    That white touch-sensitive center console looks pretty (ooh ahh), but like an iPod touch, it’ll be scratched at the first use. The gigantic gear shifter and that fat, black band under the side windows is just another example of how GM f*cks up the details so well.

    This car doesn’t look production ready but more like a shiny toy to keep us from noticing GM is in big trouble on their 100th birthday.

  2. Whoa – look at those crappy ’80’s-style digital graphics! Is this the latest Star Wars sequel/prequel?

  3. It’s okay if the video quality isn’t great Vince, it’s still clear enough to see.

    Again, this Volt may not have the edgy style as the concept but it still looks futuristic to me. It’s looks like it’s going to blend right in the 2010s (or stick out if other car companies don’t change their designs). I agree with the second blooger that the interior looks so iPod like but it’s still interesting.

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