All new BMW 7 series “outside”

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This car still looks clumbsy to me. I know it’s very expensive, it’s a BMW blah blah blah.
But it looks very awqward. From many angles.

After looking at these pictures, I found out it… It.. It looks like a Lexus!
That’s it.
wierd how for so many years Lexus has tried to copy the German manufacturers. And now, the big BMW ends up looking like a copy of the big Lexus.

A little bit sad…

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  1. it looks much better with different wheels. I hate when manufacturers put out stock photos of their premium high-end cars and the wheels look straight off a Oldsmobile from 1998.

  2. The back end especially looks like the Lexus LS. It is funny how Germans always pretend they are better than everyone, when really Japanese manufacturers are king.

  3. Who designed that front end ? who signed off on that front end ? they both need to be fired ! it truly looks like an evil clown, and those stupid lines under the way oversized grille oy vey ! ive always hated the current 5 series, and now BMW has truly lost it !
    Bad awkard fugly design costs the same as beautiful and pleasing designs !

  4. What’s with the GIANT grille? It looks ugly
    and out of place*. I don’t like that air-intake
    either, it’s ugly. The rest of the car is nice,
    if a bit bland. I’ll give you props for the rear
    end and the side.

    *On second thought, it’s probably there to
    inflate the egos of the people who drive these
    behemoths. You know, so that they can make
    themselves feel better about their insecurites
    by telling themselves that they’re better than
    everyone else.

  5. Whaaatttt the hell????

    No way. I will have to see this in person because this is awful. I did say that about the RL and I think that looks great in person but I don’t know about the 7er.

    The S Class will walk all over this.

  6. i disagree on the design part… it’s the other way round… lexus looks more and more like a bmw….

    they started with 80% mercedes and 20% bmw, but the bmw percentage has gotten stronger and stronger! especially in the smaller modells lexus is definetly copying bmw!!!

    only the SUV, the RX, is trying to have it’s own face…

  7. Once upon a time BMW designed the best looking cars of the world… well, yep, ahem, sorry, this WAS once upon a time – this 7series just looks like my grandmums panties… Mercedes with it`s S-Class will celebrate this competitor (but maybe competitor is the wrong word in this case…). But there is good news as well – just lets buy the Maserati Quattroporte instead (if You – in opposite to me – have enough money for doing so).

  8. It doesnt matter. People who buy these arn’t looking to buy an outrageous design. Just a big limo.

  9. And the pig goes oink oink… this car goes oink oink. What has happened to BMWs style? The last generation 7 had an ass like a whale, this one has a snout like a pig.

  10. Front grill protrudes a bit too far but otherwise STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Love the side marker split between the door and front quarter panel.

  11. No comments about the rear lights?! Everyone thinks they’re OK? I think they’re the worst part of the car. I can actually live with the front end.

  12. Looking like what the BMWs would have evolved to if Bangle did not Bungle thier design. The more they move away from bangle the better they look.

  13. it looks much better with different wheels

    Oh yes, because it’s the wheels what ruin this car. Right.

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