All new Honda Odyssey

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The Japanese one.
The one that is actually coming from the first generation Odyssey we used to have in the US.
Not the bloated “US only”one it became over here.

The 1st picture (the red one) is the upcoming model, while the other one is the current one.
It looks even sleeker.
I think big bloated looking minivans might become a thing of the past even over here.
Or at least not as popular as they were.
This smaller, more stylish type of vans might be the way to go.

How about sending us this as an Acura. Just to see if it works.
Just like what they did about 5 years ago with the Euro Accord. (Which became our Acura TSX)

Smaller but more upscale. It does work. Especially with high gas prices…

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  1. That would be great! A more efficient minivan is exatly what I’m looking for to replace my aging Sienna. I looked at Mazda5, Kia Rondo and Dodge Journey and they do not have decent room on 3rd bench (particularly the Journey which is the smallest of the three above).
    Bring those nice minivan over here!!!

  2. why not? called it a sport tourer like the mercedes r-class. it is definitely not a minivan imo. minivans should have sliding doors otherwise they look like big hatchback. i think the europeans call these cars mpvs.

  3. Just call it a crossover and it can be a more stylish
    alternative to the USDM Odyssey (aka the fmr LaGreat).

  4. It would not work over here for one reason. It is powered by a 4 banger. Americans will not buy such a large people mover if all it offers is a 4 cylinder. Too bad, but the truth. Now, if they could provide it with their hybrid IMA system to provide a little off the line punch and improve on the FE, maybe it would work.

  5. I think the current JDM Odyssey still looks great.. the new one seems to have adopted the rear quarter styling from the US Odyssey.. does this mean they’re considering bringing it here after all? It would be the perfect foil for the upcoming Toyota Venza! Just call it Accord Touring or something and watch them fly off the lots!

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