All new Mercedes E Class

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From the German magazine Autizeitung.
This does look like the real thing.

The smallish wheels, the boring shape we’ve seen a million times before.
And from spy shots we’ve seen , the interior could be even worse.
For a car that starts in the US at over $50 000.

Good luck….

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  1. don’t worry vince, mercedss will sell thousands of them here and aboard.

    but you are right, i wish it has the budging fenders similar to the new s-class. now, that s-class is baad-ass.

  2. the jacked-up rear looks like some 16 yr old got ahold of Dad’s car. Real Cool!!! Too Bad Mercedes has lost the key to elegance.

  3. The entire car is not a good design, but it has some good elements.

    The front end is a bit clumsy like the 2005-07 Lexus GS.

    I believe this sets up the ascent of Audi to the global luxury higher echelons!

  4. Well, I understand they can’t make it look sleek, since that’s the CLS’ forte.. but why do they have to make it ungainly? That is truly a shame.

  5. This is the automotive equivalent of an extremely conservative (ie, very dull), but well tailored suit made of very high quality fabrics. As long as Mercedes-Benz logos appear prominently on the hood and trunk this type of car is a good fit for typical E class customers. However, as time passes no one (save for Mercedes-Benz aficionados) will remember this design.

  6. Good reason to save about $25K and buy a loaded Honda Accord instead. The Accord would likely be more reliable, too.

  7. I actually love it.

    Vince doesn’t realize that there are lower trim lines elsewhere in the world, which is why it has smaller wheels. They use the E Class as a taxi in some countries in Europe.

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