Another picture of the new Honda City

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I still think this would make a great addition to the Honda lineup in the US.
Between the Fit and the Civic.

Honda has a big hit with the Fit in the US. I already saw a couple of the new ones in the streets.
The City would do great in our country where sedans are much more popular than hatchbacks.

Let’s hope…

And let’s ask a question:
Would you pick this over a base Civic?

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  1. Over a DX Civic? Absolutely.

    Over a LX Civic? Absolutely not.

    I, too, have seen a couple of the new Fits on the road. I went a local Honda dealership to see one and they said they sold their first two within 20 minutes.

  2. I would rather have the Fit or the Civic. This reminds me ot the styling of Japanese cars of the

  3. Definitely, the Civic and Accord both have grown tremendously from the sized cars they were in the 80s and 90s when they put Honda on the map for making the most reliable fun to drive cars in our market.

    I think there is room for a sedan to slide in between the Civic and Accord as well. They actually have it in the TSX, but would like to see one with a Honda price point, as well as the luxury price point.

  4. Have you noticed Honda’s new 3 bar grill? Looks like someone is copying Ford

    And did you notice the Honda has four wheels, too? Shameful.

  5. I have to say that I like this more than the Fit. The Fit is no better than a 1991 Geo Metro and I cannot believe the hype surrounding it. I’ve been in one and it was immediately clear that I was in a cheaply made econobox. When I read the great reviews on the Fit, it’s like I’m in bizzarroland. The style of the City is plain, but good. It appears that it’s a perfectly fine five-year disposable car, whereas the Fit is just garbage.

  6. I could see this slotting under the Civic. I’m sure the next Gen. Civic will grow slightly so this may make it over by that time.

    They are people that like a sedan more than a hatchback or wagon so this would appeal to those people.

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